Win-Win Approach

Kadija Nigatua and Kamal Fuel Saving Stove Producing Association was established in mid of 2019 in Dinsho town. The association was established through collaboration of MELCA and Dinsho Woreda cooperative office. In this collaboration MELCA having budget for this purpose notified Dinsho Woreda cooperative office to screen jobless youth with a focuses women to be organized in an association and engage in income generating activities (IGAs). Accordingly Dinsho woreda cooperative office organized an association consisting of 12 youth members, 7 female and 5 male.

According to Ahmed Abda Dinsho woreda Expert of transitional enterprise and experience each member witness, all of members of the group were individuals that used to face deferent financial challenge and psychologically problem. Some of the members especially males were immersed in addiction of drinking alcohols and chewing chat by little money earned from daily laborers. All of the members were under severe financial challenge up lacking of what to feed their children. They were mentally restless and in great instability with their family on farm land and other support.

After they were organized into association fuel saving stove producing group even the process of convincing and taking the job was not easy task because their behaviors were deferent and odd. Due to this problem some of Dinsho Woreda cooperative experts couldn’t convince them to start the production of fuel saving stove. As a result they decided to leave them and organize another group; however Ahmed Abda who is one of those experts, worked on them in committed manner.

Ahmed explains the challenge they faced saying “before they go we decided to save and give a chance to change their life. Finally we can convince them with help of MELCA through giving them inspired training on production skill and by showing individual models which is previously followed the same road for their success.”

After this all process and challenge MELCA provided them skill training and inputs of fuel save stove production like cement and sands. And to show the profit they may get from this job and to solve market problem MELCA promised to buy some of the produced fuel saving stove. Within this situation they start producing fuel saving stove.

Accordingly the agreement with MELCA the association produced and delivered to MELCA with agreed price. And the produced fuel saving stoves is distributed for local community which is win- win approach in that help the group to get income by producing and reducing pressure from natural resource by distributing fuel saving stove to community around forest.

Now the association says the situation is deferent from what they were thinking and they are profitable from the job as promising. The association members as all reported they have great change in their life as compared to their former situations. Now they are getting better income for living and supporting their family.

One members of the group stated “when we started as members of the association we came with empty hand; however now in addition to the income we have a skill of to producing fuel saving stove.”

In addition to supporting their respected families, some of them have bought 2 to 3 chicken and sheep to start rising while there are also some members who bought fertilizers and improved seed of wheat and potato to engaging in agriculture and increase their income and feed their family. So they are expecting more income from their investments on sheep, chicken and crops.

The association members individually have also some moneys from their bank account that ranges from 1500ETB to 3500ETB which is not the case before they came to the association. As association they have more than 46000ETB without including the production input they have on the ground. The association also reported that they have another order from other organizations to produce more fuels saving stoves so they expecting more earnings.

Finally each member of the association said that if it is not MELCA proposed the idea and helped them; they were live there live under different challenge.

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